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Posted by Jonathan
on 12/07/07
Lance Winters @ St. George

The articles are coming out fast and furious, now that restrictions on absinthe seem to be loosening (at least until the next mass murder laid at absinthe's doorstep). Here's another article on absinthe, with a nice introduction to St. George Spirits, this time from The New York Times. We loved this quote from the article:

"I had the image of a spider monkey beating on a skull with femur bones," Mr. Winters said. But he said that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau thought the label "implied that there are hallucinogenic, mind-altering or psychotropic qualities" to the product.
"I said, You get all that just from looking at a monkey?"

So the rules are still quite murky and subject to whim, but at least they seems to be relaxing. The author of the piece is Yet Another Person who associates absinthe with the horrid concoctions that are "Czech-sinthes":

And I was astonished by how delicate, gentle and refreshing they were. Astonished in part because of my earlier run-ins with absinthe. There was the Portuguese stuff that looked like radiator fluid and tasted like a mouthful of copper. There was the Czech product that a friend smuggled past customs in a mouthwash bottle. I would have preferred the mouthwash.

We here at inAbsinthia have't yet put our tastebuds on the line for you to try any of these, but we suppose we really must at some point. But before we do that, we'd love to get our sweaty palms on a bottle of St. George Absinthe Verte.

A Liquor of Legend Makes a Comeback

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