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Receiving Gifts in the mail
Posted by Jonathan
on 03/13/07

Someone recently asked us about buying absinthe from a European dealer and having it shipped to the US. We think the answer might interest more folks, so we'll post it here. Mind you, this is just for the United States and reflects our success here at getting absinthe. We have been successful all five times we have ordered so far, but as they say about the stock market, past success is no guarantee of future results. But it comes in a discreet box and shouldn't raise any interest in the post office. And the recommended vendors all guarantee delivery, so it's a no loss situation.

Basically, getting shipments through Customs works out as a "don't ask, don't tell" kind of policy. I believe that, in general, it is not legal to ship liquor by mail in the US anyway, but I could be wrong about that. There are no special taxes, thankfully. That is what trips up shipments to Canada, as they often investigate packages for tax purposes and end up confiscating the bottles (although, ironically enough, absinthe is actually completely legal there!). So order from a reputable dealer (see the links on the *right* of our site - the links on the left are from Google and are often shady at best). And check out the vendor list found on the Wormwood Society page here:

Wormwood Society Absinthe Vendors List

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I'm sure your advertisers are thrilled to be referred to as "shady at best". :-)

~ by Michael on 03/13/07 20:28:43

Well the advertisers probably don't even know about the "shady at best" comment: they pay their money to Google and don't look at all the sites carrying their advertising.

I have the same health warning on the MySpace absinthe group I run.

~ by Alan on 03/15/07 02:45:43

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