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Burning Sugar
Posted by Jonathan
on 02/27/07

28 Days Later... was a very good, end-of-the-word, apocalyptic, zombie flick. Megan Burns, who played Hannah, a teenage survivor, now calls herself Betty Curse and plays goth rock. She was interviewed over in the UK and was asked an absinthe question:

You're an absinthe fan. How much have you had in one go?

Half a bottle with Steven when we were writing the album. I appreciate it as a long drink when you make it properly with water and burn it with sugar in a spoon. It takes you to a different level of drunkenness when you're sensible about it. I like to drink it with cranberry juice. I invented the best cocktail in the world - absinthe, cranberry juice and Grolsch lager.

Kids these days! See what the fake Czech marketing has done to the history of absinthe? Someone needs to tell poor Betty/Megan that, in fact, burning sugar is not how to "properly" prepare absinthe. It might be the only thing to do with a bad Czech imitator, but we here at InAbsinthia would break down and cry if you tried this with a real absinthe. As for "a different level", we must admit to having the same discussion here. Some of us notice a different kind of "buzz" when drinking enough absinthe, while others don't. Whether it is physiological or psychological, you may have a similar feeling. But we're just plain happy with the taste and theater of absinthe, and do not need any promises of a legal "high" to enjoy our absinthe.

And that cocktail - Oy Vey! Again, nothing you would want to subject a real absinthe to, but it might be the only way to finish off your bottle of "Crapsinth". Tell us if you ever try it!

60 SECONDS: Betty Curse |

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Re. "Someone needs to tell ..." I contacted her and suggested she looked at your blog.

~ by Alan on 02/28/07 02:58:07

Thanks Alan! We'll get absinthe preparation correct, one celebrity at a time.

~ by Jonathan on 02/28/07 10:18:21

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