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Is Absente Absinthe?
Posted by Michael
on 02/25/07
While on a business trip to France, a well meaning relative purchased a bottle of Absente for me as a Christmas present. We had a glass after our dinner and drinks (but before I had a chance to closely inspect the bottle). My recollection is that the taste was OK (it tasted like absinthe) but it was a little plain compared to the other absinthes I have tasted. It was only after the holiday hub-bub had died down that I became curious about name "Absente". A little research turned up the fact that Absente is made with Southern-Wormwood ("Petite Absinthe") instead of Wormwood. All the text on the bottle is in French. At the very top of the front label it reads: "Liqueur aux plantes d'absinthe". Also on the front label near the bottom, one of the ingredients is listed as "infusion et essences de plantes d'abinthe". Their web site states that Absente is legal in the U.S. because it does not contain Wormwood. I'm confused.... but I'm guessing that this stuff isn't absinthe.

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In Europe, Absente is apparently pretty close to real absinthe, with grande wormwood but also with added sugar, I believe. In the USA, it is as you describe.

Check out the Wikipedia article:

~ by Alan on 02/25/07 18:24:29

Pretty poorly received in the La Fee Verte reviews, probably because of the added sugar. But the review there sounds very much like Michaels - too plain.

~ by Jonathan on 02/26/07 11:39:06

you can purchase it in france and in the usa. but the french one differs as it has grande wormood which contains thujone. the usa contains southern wormood which dosnt contain thujone making it legal to purchase in the U.S.

~ by Lee on 07/21/07 12:10:02

So if it's purchased in France, is it legal to return to the US with it since it differs?

~ by George on 11/24/07 01:52:55

For the most part, bringing absinthe into the US is very much a hit-or-miss proposition. Seeing 'absinthe' on the label will probably still bring out the worst in a customs agent, but "don't ask, don't tell" probably still holds.

~ by Jonathan on 12/07/07 23:13:21

I brought mine in from Japan with out any question. They didn't ask I didn't tell, ;) Iguess it still holds up.

~ by Aaron on 01/05/08 02:41:42

Absinthe made from grande wormwood was partially legalized in the US in May 2007.

~ by Ryan on 01/05/08 16:58:43

I tasted the U. S. version for the first time and found it to have the black licorice taste. I found it to be pleasurable. It had a relaxing effect that I enjoyed.

~ by Lewis on 01/27/08 21:28:00

[b]Question:[/b] Does Absente contain wormwood? Does Absente contain Thujone?

During the heady days of late 19th century Paris, Absinthe was the trademark drink of artists like Baudelaire, Degas, Manet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec and Oscar Wilde. Today, Absente, Absinthe Refined, evokes the glamour and mystical allure of The Green Fairy. How did we bring Absente back to America? We replaced the banned botanical wormwood with a less bitter cousin, Southern Wormwood, also known as "petite absinthe." Southern Wormwood contains legal levels of Thujone, making Absente the only modern version of the legendary and notorious Absinthe, as well as the first legal Absinthe in America since 1912. Remember, Absente, Absinthe Refined is 110 proof, so beware of the Green Fairy and please drink Absente responsibly.

[b]Source[/b] -

~ by Lady V on 03/19/08 19:59:09

This stuff isn't bad,its hard to come by genuine absinthe where I'm from.Is there any thujone?It does seem to have a clearer feel to its intoxication than most other liquor so it is possible but I'm sure the real deal is better.

~ by Orchid Suspiria on 04/30/08 19:34:37

Shit seems pretty dopeeee ... ima have to try this

~ by logan on 05/02/08 10:18:42

Absente isn't bad at all. I consider it a true modern Absinthe. It is enjoyable and taste almost identical to the true mixture of grande wormwood types. The tujone levels in the USA version of absente is 3.5mg per liter, thus using Southren wormwood, makes it legal for US citizens to enjoy. Anything under 10ml/liter in the USA is considered "Tujone-free" I am happy with my 3.5mg tujone level absente. It is very enjoyable and gives off a very relaxed, euphoric feeling. There are no scientific proof of the oringal absente having a high level of tujone. Most modern absinthe are probably par with the first absinthes ever created. Enjoy the Green Fairy responsibly she bites hard.

~ by GothClubKid on 05/04/08 17:16:56

shits a knockoff

~ by jamesfrommich on 06/12/08 21:44:22

I just got my first bottle of Absente last night and have been on a "2 day binge" of responsible drinking, if you will. I agree with most of the comments. Though the levels of the mysterious thujone are likely very low, I too have felt a similar euphoria. As a frequent imbiber of both spirits and wine/beer, It typically takes a little more alcohol for me to receive desired effect. However, it's 12:15 on a saturday afternoon, I've had 2 glasses of traditionally prepared absente absinth, and I've weed-wacked the yard, cleaned the kitchen, and made dinner plans. The reason this is signifigant is simple- normally on saturday I usually grill a steak and split a 30 pack with a couple friends. This stuff, while not the real thing, is still worth it. $43 in New Jersey liquor stores and it's tasty!

~ by on 06/28/08 12:10:20

i just bought the absente you speak of and while I have yet to try this kind i just finished off the bottle of real "toned down" absinthe with a friend... I feel great and it truly does have a DELIGHTFUL finish... the true "panty remover" if you will...

~ by Flutterby on 07/02/08 00:30:34

Actually, we're not really all that interested in the "frat boy" reputation of absinthe, finding the real stuff to be far more interesting for its taste and rituals than its supposed secondary efffects.

~ by Jonathan on 07/03/08 10:37:48

LMFAO i just got my bottle.. will get Fucked up later and let you know how it is

~ by Niven on 08/15/08 18:08:45

You come back alive?

~ by craig on 08/16/08 23:19:18

Hey I just got back from france and the custom officals didn't notice my two bottles! I am pretty sure this is the good stuff with grand wormwood cause I am feeling it quite well!

~ by Tool fan on 08/17/08 22:20:48

This is good stuff! No doubt about it! The key is to start early and keep it pure. I've now found a new appreciation for Van Gogh and his work.

Rather than following the directions found on the box why not take it stratight. It will serve you well!

~ by Mojo Risin on 08/24/08 16:49:04

It's good to add herbal essences to (grand wormwood) ... you will have something just about like real-deal absinthe , regardless of what the absinthe geek snob mafia claims ...

~ by Rimbaud on 09/09/08 18:01:53

As a liquor drinker and an experienced "party favor" junkee i would like to clear up some views on this drink. IT IS AN AQUIRED TASTE! It is not for the american bourbon and gin and sugary drinkers of the norm. Both types will give a more "mellow" and almost "euphoric" buzz(if you have not experiecned tru induced euphoria) and are a great compliment to jonathan said... a first date that is ment to be more of an only date. A great conversation drink and an enjoyable overall experience with either absente or absenthe makes it a sure buy for any drinker. For the money i would rather take half a V and drink gin and tonic but the "green fairy" is as much a tooth fairy as it is a feeling or hallucination. I have lived in europe btw for all of you who want to discount my views because of a self induced false buzz based on tales rather than feel...BE REAL!!!

~ by Ntellect on 09/17/08 22:41:34

I think that absente isnt real at all, the real absinth uses grande wormwood, even if the southern wormwood has an amount of thujone, it is not even comparable to the grande wormwood.

~ by Captanarchy11 on 10/03/08 09:19:13

I think Lucid taste and "feels" better then Absente. I did get a nice buzz from Absente but Lucid hit me alot harder and felt like i was a tad high/drunk at the sametime.

~ by DJ Travis Reed on 10/22/08 11:10:02

i bought a bottle of the US version, a few months ago. and it got me drunk as hell(55%) but i did feel a noticeable aggression that RARELY accompanies a good drunk buzz with me. but the environment wasn't right. so all in all US version of absente is just alcohol. no other noticeable effects other than drunk. maybe a little placebo effect, but nothing really "narcotic" Nappanee,IN 46550

~ by Justin Shortt on 11/17/08 10:14:29

Well, I am currently having my first drink of this fine cocktail as i am typing. I must say that it is a totally different "feeling" buzz. I think that beer, vodka, whiskey, and tequila all have their own style of high. I just think this is just another type of buzz. Very nice

~ by Casey on 11/21/08 22:07:53

Absente...not bad.I was hoping for something made with true Wormwood,but this actually seems to have the same affect.Prior to drinking it I had two vodka martinis,and sure enough it has actually sobered me up...I like the fact that Absinthe makes you pay attention to stuff around notice the details of things.I quess that's why it was so {in}-)famously consumed by artists.

~ by Chris on 02/01/09 19:23:48

Absente...not bad.I was hoping for something made with true Wormwood,but this actually seems to have the same affect.Prior to drinking it I had two vodka martinis,and sure enough it has actually sobered me up...I like the fact that Absinthe makes you pay attention to stuff around notice the details of things.I quess that's why it was so {in}-)famously consumed by artists.

~ by Chris on 02/01/09 19:23:48

Obtained a bottle of Absente tonight and will be giving it a go. Will post back with feelings on it. $40 for Absente, $60 for Lucid, but went with Absente- admittedly for the spoon that came with the box.
Shut up - it's a cool looking spoon.
Anyways, starting our adventure and we'll let you know how it goes.

~ by Harlita on 02/14/09 00:58:06

I've tried St. George, Lucid, and Obsello all of which are well recieved by the absinthe snobs, and I though Absente had a similar effect and tasted like St. George and Lucid with sugar added. Obsello had a very different taste. So my thoughts are ...grande wormwood or petite wormwood...thujone or not, does it really matter it if gives you the same flavor and effect? I get really tired of this "authentic" liquor is going to enable you to write The Sun Also Rises or Paint The Mona Lisa. This quest for "vintage" or "Authentic" absinthe gets old. When one suggests that there is a rigid standard for "real" absinthe one suggest that pre ban absinthes were uniform when the fact is that pre ban absinthes varied from ones that would pass modern standards to low grade alcohols with copper sulfate added to give it the green color.

~ by troymac on 05/16/09 02:08:10

I enjoy painting and find that all types of alcohol usually tend to send some sort of inspiration my way. Depending on the quantity consumed that is. I plan on purchasing a bottle of Absente tomorrow and will start on a canvas for my Daughter. An Alice in Wonderland theme. I don't forsee a difference in creativity or any hightened awareness, but look forward to trying something new.

~ by Ecila ni dnalrednow on 07/15/09 06:14:16

absente is known as something called 'pastis' which is basically absinthe without the wormwood... cause wormwood is apparently bad for you if consumed in large amounts..... so pastis is absinthe without the wormwood

~ by Jacqui on 07/23/09 13:59:15

I just got my first bottle ever! I am on glass #2. The taste reminds me of Uzo. I am very experienced in the ways of the evening cocktail, and this is different. Absente was cheaper and came with the spoon, but is enjoyable. I will buy again.

~ by JJ on 08/15/09 19:12:15

For Absinthe Drink and Food Recipes, Absente Artwork and more, visit…

~ by The Green Fairy on 09/09/09 22:40:41

Ive drank alot of different alcohols and done alot of different kinds of drugs and im drinking Absente right now and likin it. I reccomend it.

~ by chris on 11/12/09 00:17:43

i only got a $5 little bottle, but absente is great. nice n licocicey! based on wikipedia, it's had grande wormwood since april '09. this stuff gives a great buzz! but at 110 proof, can't drink enough for any wormwood effects. a small sip gives a buzz like a pint of heineken. n_n

~ by mary stewart on 11/14/09 04:54:35

Tests have been made on surviving vintage absinthes, and the thujone levels are often much lower than expected! The modern drinks are actaully pretty close to the orig. Bear in mind the 100-140 proof factor. If you prepare this stuff right, it clouds right up in a nice louche and certainly creates a euphoric warm buzz unlike other drinks.

~ by SBMAC on 01/17/10 16:01:38

I would like to say, if your looking to hallucinate, try boiling down some cubensis mushrooms and mix with kool aid. Absenthe is great and all but your not going to hallucinate.

~ by Kashmir23 on 01/22/10 20:37:16

The wormwood/thujone doesnt give you the buzz, its the high alcohol proof that gets you messed up. You will never "trip" on this because 1. it's not the right kind of wormwood and 2. you need to ingest large quantities of it to do so... not enough per bottle to actually do anything.

If you want the real deal you gotta go to either the Czech Republic or France... I hear Germany isn't bad either.

~ by The Dude Abides on 07/14/10 16:07:36

I have enjoyed this buzz for nearly 2 nights and notably the spirit of this drink is different from any other, its sensual and blissed out. Notice the effect of light. Light a cigarette in the dark or sit in a mood lit room. Its not the buzz of traditional hallucinogens, its wonderful. I love it and my normal drink is wine, and this is not wine. It feels clear and light and sexy. I just want to kiss somebody. Debate away, there is something different here.

~ by Carlotta Lovin- on 07/24/10 22:39:54

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