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Science to the Rescue
Posted by Jonathan
on 07/14/06

In an amazing display of serendipity, we have just come across a recently published scientific study completely debunking the idea of "absinthism":

Absinthism: a fictitious 19th century syndrome with present impact

Absinthism was a major reason absinthe got banned at the turn of the 19th century. A specially identified variation on alcoholism, absinthism in particular was supposed to lead to such ailments as brain damage, psychosis and even suicide. Various "studies" were done, many of them with bad or even non-existent scientific rigor, and they supposedly were able to differentiate between a 140 proof liquor containing thujone (the active ingredient in wormwood) and one not containing thujone. Today, most of these studies have been called into question, and there is little support for a specific disease called absinthism.

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