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2 Minutes With Absinthe
Posted by Jonathan
on 03/19/10

Very nice interview with St├ęphane Ostiguy, of the Dieu Du Ciel! in Montreal. MojoTV talks with him about absinthe, and he pours some La Clandestine.

The Truth About Absinthe - Watch more Funny Videos

(Thanks to @spiritguy for the pointer)

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St├ęphane also made this video:

He makes some amazing beer, and his bar was the first in North America to sell La Clandestine. I had the pleasure to meet him in Montreal last week.

~ by Alan Moss on 03/19/10 11:24:38

Thanks Alan, that looks like a very nice "how to prepare absinthe" video. And next time I'm in Montreal, I'll be sure to look up the bar!

~ by Jonathan on 03/19/10 11:41:22

Cheers, Jonathan. When in Montreal, you may also want to go to

~ by Alan Moss on 03/19/10 14:24:19

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