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National Absinthe Day almost over!
Posted by Jonathan
on 03/05/09
Almost missed it folks! Viridian Spirits wants to declare March 5th as National Absinthe Day - and we're alright with that here. It was two years ago today that the US Government came to its senses and allowed absinthe back on the shelves after a long 95 years. May the louche flow freely!

BrandFreak: Absinthe might need its own holiday to remind people it's legal
Not counting St. Patrick's Day, March is pretty much devoid of holidays. But if absinthe maker Lucid has its way, March 5 will henceforth be known as National Absinthe Day. It was on that date in 2007 that the U.S. government finally gave in and made the libation legal here after about a 95-year ban.

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