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Absinthe Cocktail FTW!
Posted by Jonathan
on 07/03/08
Absinthe Cocktail

We tried the Absinthe Cocktail and thought it worked out pretty well. We used Lucid as the absinthe, because we don't find it a particular standout amongst the other absinthes we have handy, making it good for a mixer. Given the cost of a bottle of the green gold, we are usually loathe to do anything but enjoy it normally, but we don't mind abusing Lucid, which still has enough character to contribute in a cocktail. You can find the Absinthe Cocktail recipe here on the How2Heroes web site.

We put a touch too much ice water in it to start with. The recipe calls for ice, but the accompanying video shows ice water, so we went with that and probably should have cut it down, as we ended up with about a 3:2 water:absinthe ratio, which is too weak. And we were able to purchase a bottle of Ting, the Jamaican Grapefruit soda, as mentioned at the bottom of the recipe, at our local supermarket, which was nice. We would also probably cut back a bit on the simple syrup. And don't forget the limes! We did for our first sip, but the fresh limes really added a necessary tartness to the drink.

But in the end, it was a very nice drink and one with great potential. As mentioned, a little less ice water and simple syrup, and a touch more lime juice would make it a very refreshing summer drink. Absinthe Cocktail, For The Win!

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Yeah, its tricky when you're using other absinthes. I just used mine, which the flavors are pretty strong. It was funny, because I wasn't expecting to put that much ice water in the cocktail. The ice supply had melted a little under the heat of the lights. And yes, not much simple syrup is necessary, but it mixes better with the cocktail than just sugar crystals. Thanks for the feedback. All are praises are appreciated, but so are criticisms, because they are only going to strive to make me do better.

~ by Christopher Keating on 07/03/08 14:08:19

I think absinthe works well with ice water. Perhaps I crush the ice a little next time too. And try some other absinthes, if we can bring ourselves to using them! Thanks for checking in!

~ by Jonathan on 07/03/08 19:34:14

interesting review from someone who clearly knows what he is talking about... but;... for someone who...
1.)forgot the lime juice.....&
2.)perhaps next time will crush the ice a little...
3.)added a touch too much ice water....
4.)and ice supply had melted..
5.) and Don't mind abusing Lucide.....
Am only thinking here that Lucide should be given accolades for helping to starting the Absinthe wave that we see here now.
also some bar chefs advise using the best brands you can buy to mix a cocktail and others don't seem to care.. choice is yours. buy why use something you don't even care for....?
Jonathan hope to meet you next week in the big easy... i will buy the first drink
. all best, stephen

~ by stephen visakay on 07/04/08 12:22:32

Wish I was going to NOLA next week! Some year, I'll make it to Tales of the Cocktail.

As for Lucid - what can we say? It isn't a favorite, although it does just fine, so it makes it a good mixer.

Every cocktail is an adventure, and some we are willing to take again, tweaking it to our personal preferences. An enjoyable work in progress!

~ by Jonathan on 07/04/08 17:04:43

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