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Posted by Jonathan
on 04/09/10
Tabletop Absinthe Distillery

While it is true that we would love a job as an "Absinthe Maker", and it is a relatively new job, for sure, the info in this little bit from Esquire magazine couldn't have more incorrect info in it. As readers of InAbsinthia well know, St. George isn't, in fact, the only US native maker of absinthe. And their taste test of 5 absinthes (done in 2008) is also dubious. As is the picture that accompanies the job (pouring out shots of La Fee - **shudder**). But hey, we'll take the job nonetheless.

10 New Jobs for Men in 2010

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/19/10

Very nice interview with St├ęphane Ostiguy, of the Dieu Du Ciel! in Montreal. MojoTV talks with him about absinthe, and he pours some La Clandestine.

The Truth About Absinthe - Watch more Funny Videos

(Thanks to @spiritguy for the pointer)

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Posted by Jonathan
on 07/17/08

Absinthe must be going mainstream when it can get lampooned in a newspaper cartoon, even if it is an admittedly alternative one here in the Boston area. The Boston Phoenix web site has this cartoon:

Abinsthe Madness cartoon

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Posted by Jonathan
on 06/17/08

Alltop, all the top stories
Our humble little blog here has been listed on AllTop's Wine page. If you haven't checked it out, I heartily encourage you to surf on over to AllTop. AllTop is one of those blog collectors, but it is set up very nicely, with a clean, sharp UI. A simple front page, broken down into ten major categories, each with subcategory links. Clicking on one of those tacks you to a bunch of subject-related blogs, listing the last few blog posts. Again, the interface is clean and simple, with an overwhelming number of great links.

And in the Wine AllTop page, you'll find us listed. You'll have to scroll down a bit, but you can see us there. Keep a browser tab opened to this page and you will keep abreast of all things wine related, including our little niche here in the absinthe neck of the woods.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 06/16/08
Absinthe Flickr photo of the week:

An Absenthe in the Sky

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Posted by Jonathan
on 06/15/08

Thanks to a pointer in the comments to an earlier post, we came across a very nice video showing an interesting absinthe cocktail, which includes grapefruit soda and simple syrup:

Also, see Chris' other "How2Heroes" video called Demystifying Absinthe.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/31/08

Robert Hess, aka Drink Boy, has a regular show on the Small Screen Network called "The Cocktail Spirit". In this epsisode from late last year, he covers absinthe. It is a high quality picture with an excellent example of an absinthe pour. Some comments on the video:

  • He obviously made this video before the legalization of absinthe in the United States, as he makes clear in the first comment on the post. But he also talks about absinthe being illegal in Europe as well, which hasn't been true for several years, so I'm not sure exactly when the video was actually made.
  • I enjoyed his explanation of the bizarre Czech ritual of burning sugar - the stuff doesn't louche, so they needed a different ritual.
  • I wish he would have slowed down on the pour. He makes a good point to pre-soak the sugar cube by letting the first light pour settle in on it. But then I think he pours too fast with his silver-spouted coffee pot and doesn't show off the wonderful louche from the Jade absinthe (Edouard maybe)? I would have poured a little more until the louche started and then zoomed in on it.

But this high quality video is an excellent introduction to absinthe.

The Absinthe Drip - The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess

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