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Posted by Jonathan
on 02/24/07

Is it possible to actually have a real absinthe come from the Czech Republic? For the most part, despite truly popularizing the absinthe "craze" in places like Britain, Czech "absinthe" is anything but. Almost universally deplored by serious absintheurs, Czech absinthe usually doesn't even get the spelling correct (calling itself 'absynth' or 'absinth'), which is a dead giveaway for a bad drink. Another hint is when the marketer insists on touting its thujone content.

But Oliva Absinthe has the patter down, with a colorful, if too neat sounding, history. The recipe looks okay and the marketing hype is muted. We'll report on any early tastings as we hear of them.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 02/19/07

Really nice description, with cool pictures, of an absinthe pour.  Here he is tasting the award-winning Duplais, which he really likes.  The fanciful pictures add atmosphere to the blog post. Note the lack of a burning sugar cube - yay! But he does have some very funny clown candles, which also seem to enjoy the emerald gold.

IntangibleArts: Absinthe uncorked, clowns lobotomized by fire

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