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Posted by Jonathan
on 06/10/08
Moulin Rooz Aussie absinthe
It seems every country is getting into absinthe distilling, and now you can add another continent, as the Tambourine Mountain Distillery in Australia begins brewing up its own absinthe, called with almost cloying sweetness, Moulin Rooz Absinthe. Located in Queensland, this distillery whips up several other kinds of liquors, including vodkas and liqueurs, but of course here we are most interested in their absinthe.

The green color in the picture looks a little "forced", but the review thread on the Wormwood Forums seems to indicate an interesting, unique taste, yet still absinthe. Sigh. Yet another absinthe to add to our ever growing Must Buy list!

Tamborine Mountain Distillery - Moulin Rooz Absinthe
Moulin Rooz Absinthe : Australia's first premium Absinthe.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 06/06/08
You folks in the Chicago area have a very interesting sounding tasting seminar to check out. At the In Fine Spirits store, Sonja Kassebaum will show you three absinthes now available in the US - Kubler, St. Georges, and her own Sirene. We would love to attend but unfortunately we are located nowhere near The Windy City. Let us know if you can check out these fine absinthes at the tasting!

In Fine Spirits
Sonja Kassebaum of North Shore Distillery leads a discussion covering the history, tradition, mythology and mixology of absinthe. Plus we'll sample some tastes of food to pair with absinthe and related cocktails.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 06/05/08

Some new American absinthes are now either available or soon to the market, joining the limited release of the St. George Spirits absinthe:

  • North Shore Distillery, makers of some reputedly delicious gins and vodkas, have added an absinthe to their repetiore: Sirene Absinthe Verte. They tell us they use a "fairly traditional" approach to this absinthe and we are dying to try it here at Inabsinthia. Sirene has been getting some pretty good reviews on the Wormwood Society forums.
  • Speaking of the Wormwood Society forums, an upcoming American absinthe was recently announced. Todd announced his upcoming absinthe, which will be distilled in Denver Colorado. He promises green (no star) anise, fennel, veronica, grande wormwood and coriander in what sounds to be quite the enticing brew. Keep an eye on the forum thread for more info, as the absinthe and the distiller is so new, no web site has even been set up yet.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 04/06/08
Here's a good list of absinthe happenings at the 2008 Tales of the Cocktail, a "birds of a feather" gathering in New Orleans every year, celebrating cocktails. This year it is from July 16 to July 20, and includes dozens of gatherings.

La Maison d'Absinthe hosts Absinthe Antique Collection

Tales of the Cocktail Revives "The Green Hour" Absinthe Ritual

Spirited Dinners Presented by Imbibe Magazine and Domaine de Canton

Cocktails with a Kick: Absinthe Returns to America

And, the pièce de résistance :

The Wormwood Society First Grande Soirée d'Absinthe

with a menu of:

  • Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese en Brioche
  • Filet of Beef and Shiitake Brochettes
  • Mini Crab Cake with Creole Aioli
  • Pecan Crusted Shrimp with Orange Honey Mustard Sauce
  • Proscuitto, Basil, and Tomato Roulade in Puff Pastry
  • Oyster Vol-au-Vent with Caviar.

Wormwood Society's First Grande Soirée d'Absinthe! - Absinthe Forums at the Wormwood Society

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Posted by Jonathan
on 02/19/08
Taboo Absinthe
From the Great White North comes Taboo Absinthe, a blanche with the added flavoring of star anise (in addition to the more traditional green anise). The moniker is a little annoying to those of us fighting the good fight against absinthe's "bad boy" image, but perhaps the taste can overcome the image. It can even be ordered online, so you can be sure a bottle will soon be winging its way to us here at InAbsinthia!

Absinthe Canada - Order or Buy Absinthe in Canada

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Posted by Jonathan
on 01/17/08

Pretty solid reportage from CBS Sunday Morning. Of course, TA Breaux has to be in it! This was shown just the other Sunday, on January 6.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 12/10/07

Reasonably competent overview of the current state of absinthe in the US, courtesy of NPR (National Public Radio). Pretty shallow but fun to actually hear about absinthe, rather than read about it.

Absinthe: A Potent Potable Makes a Comeback

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