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Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder. - Dowson
Michael likes Kubler in Corpse Revivers

We really like this Cocktail Recipe Book

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Absinthe Cocktails Book
There is a Spoon!

Posted by Jonathan
on 03/11/10

Corsair Red label
Welcome to a new American absinthe from Corsair Artisans, with the very noticeable difference - a red absinthe! It gets its color from the infusion of Red hibiscus. The distillery, located in Bowling Green Kentucky, also brew up gin, vodka, a spiced rum and the provocatively labeled Pumpkin Spice Moonshine. They describe their Red Absinthe thusly:

We’ve started with traditional 1800’s recipes and herbs to give our absinthe superieure the clean notes of a classic blanche. Then we tweak with the unusual, including citrus, tarragon (Dragon Wormwood, a relative of the Grand Wormwood we use), and red Hibiscus for floral tones and color.

Wonder how we can get a bottle?

Wormwood Society Corsair Red Topic

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/23/09

Absinthe Diptych
Originally uploaded by Lanamaniac
Very nice black and white picture of Le Tourment Vert Absinthe. We haven't tried this absinthe yet, although the price looks right.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/17/09

Interesting presentation by Obsello on the history of Absinthe in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The music is a little over the top, but the subject matter is well done and the pictures are great.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/12/09
Yes, these "absinthe" lollipops are real good! They are really good, albeit quite expensive. To be expected with anything absinthe, I guess! We mentioned these last year, but the web site moved, so we thought we'd rave about them again. Enjoy!

Absinthe Lollipops!

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Posted by Jonathan
on 06/19/08
Did you overdo it during that last absinthe party? Did the absinthes get stronger as the will weakened? Are you truly regretting it this morning?

Before you get into this pickle, read this interesting The New Yorker article on drinking, hangovers and cures. While some claim that drinking absinthe avoids a hangover, we're not convinced!
Annals Of Drinking: A Few Too Many: The New Yorker
Some words for hangover, like ours, refer prosaically to the cause: the Egyptians say they are “still drunk,” the Japanese “two days drunk,” the Chinese “drunk overnight.” The Swedes get “smacked from behind.” But it is in languages that describe the effects rather than the cause that we begin to see real poetic power. Salvadorans wake up “made of rubber,” the French with a “wooden mouth” or a “hair ache.” The Germans and the Dutch say they have a “tomcat,” presumably wailing. The Poles, reportedly, experience a “howling of kittens.” My favorites are the Danes, who get “carpenters in the forehead.”.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 06/14/08
absinthe gummi bear
Some non-drinkable absinthe products have been showing up lately, which attests to absinthe's growing popularity. Besides the previously mentioned wine glass charms, you can add the following:
  • gummi bears - now this we would like to try! Unfortunately, these sweet little absinthe gummi bears seem to be only available at the source, which is a restaurant called Tailor in New York City. Anyone want to swing by 525 Broome St and get us a few will have us forever in their debt!
  • lollipops - we have written about these beforeand we just wanted to add that they are, in fact, as delicious as they sound. Worth the splurge.
  • lip balm - the description is filled with the annoying marketspeak that tries to sell up absinthe's checkered past - "magickal"(sic), "aphrodisia", "disturbing", etc. So we hate to even point this out, but in the interest of completeness, we'll add it to this list.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 06/11/08
Absinthe wine charm
Cool handmade wine "charms" - old-fashioned absinthe posters inside of bronzed, vintage bottle caps! You know, those little things you put around the base of your glass when at an absinthe tasting party, to make sure no one steals a sip from your glass. Be sure to click on the 'absinthe' tag at the bottom for more cool absinthe-related stuff.

Etsy :: tartx :: Absinthe Liquor Wine Beer Martini Drink Charms ids
This set of beautiful, unique and collectible wine and beer glass charm's feature vintage images of vintage illustrations of absinthe liquors.

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