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Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder. - Dowson
Michael likes Kubler in Corpse Revivers

We really like this Cocktail Recipe Book

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Absinthe Cocktails Book
There is a Spoon!

Posted by Jonathan
on 03/21/10

Photo of the week:

Balancing the green fairy

From Rune T on Flickr

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/15/10
Great Lakes Distillery Amerique

Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee, makers of the highly regarded Rehorst Gin, also make 2 absinthes, one green and one red. The Amerique 1912 (verte et rouge, naturellement) sound like they are an interesting first effort. Coming in small (375ml) bottles, carefully packaged in cardboard tubes, they also sound like a very nice absinthe for a newcomer to the hobby. Here's what the distillery has to say about their absinthes:

Amerique 1912 Absinthe Verte and Amerique 1912 Absinthe Rouge are authentic absinthes hand crafted in small batches in our copper potstill. Based on a pre-ban recipe they are made with anise, grande wormwood (Artemesia absinthium) and fennel as well as a proprietary blend of specially selected botanicals. After distillation more botanicals are infused in the absinthe giving it additional flavor and in the case of our Verte it's rich green color.

Wormwood Society Amerique Topic

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/14/10

Really nice video showing the correct way to serve absinthe. Watch and learn!

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/13/10
Leopold Absinthe Cask

Nice photo of a Leopold Absinthe cask from @MIKEHENDERSON.

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/12/10

Gwydion Stone, who we interviewed once upon a time, is in front of the camera now, with The Liquid Muse. As part of her Inspired Sips series, she interviews Gwydion to find out about absinthe. Very well produced video!

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/11/10

Corsair Red label
Welcome to a new American absinthe from Corsair Artisans, with the very noticeable difference - a red absinthe! It gets its color from the infusion of Red hibiscus. The distillery, located in Bowling Green Kentucky, also brew up gin, vodka, a spiced rum and the provocatively labeled Pumpkin Spice Moonshine. They describe their Red Absinthe thusly:

We’ve started with traditional 1800’s recipes and herbs to give our absinthe superieure the clean notes of a classic blanche. Then we tweak with the unusual, including citrus, tarragon (Dragon Wormwood, a relative of the Grand Wormwood we use), and red Hibiscus for floral tones and color.

Wonder how we can get a bottle?

Wormwood Society Corsair Red Topic

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